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About Eddie Vega


I'm a tech entrepreneur on constant watch for markets underserved by technology and then building whatever will make them more efficient, mostly it has been in the social media / talent portfolio and business news space. 

I'm also a writer and part-time college English instructor. As such, I create communications content for tech companies and other businesses. After Hours, I work on film, television, and theatrical projects, mostly comedies. I love to laugh and carouse but take a serious approach to writing and teaching. My academic training, oddly, is in poetry and journalism. But these days I write poems the way some people clear rooftop drains (something that must be done every once in awhile but really I'd rather be listening to bad Flamenco). As for journalism, it's become like poetry — no one can define it in a way that everyone accepts.

Consistent with my life-long interest in the creative arts, I follow developments in intellectual property law and civil liberties. Other interests include quantum physics (love the work of David Bohm), philosophy (particularly Kierkegaard and Aquinas), and street photography (the focus of my journo training was in photojournalism). I also have an ongoing interest in reading case law and making sense of it — a vestige of my time as a verdicts reporter for American Lawyer Media. So when reading about a court case in a general interest newspaper, I feel compelled to locate the decision, read it, and ponder its reasoning. Yeah, that's quirky.

Some interesting things I have done that I long to do again: skied a triple black diamond slope high on Mt. Tremblant; viewed a meteor shower in the Mojave Desert while drinking pure agave; climbed Ben Bulben mountain and looked down on Yeats's grave in Drumcliffe churchyard.

Some interesting things I have done that I pray never to repeat: made way on a tugboat through the Bermuda Triangle during a horrific gale; survived a blizzard near Buffalo that dropped 128 inches of snow in one day; got spit at by a surprised sidewinder after an afternoon of rappelling in Yucca Tree, heart-stopping fear.


Eddie Vega is a Cuban-born writer, photographer, and English teacher who holds degrees in literature, writing, and journalism from Columbia University and Brooklyn College (CUNY). Currently, he runs Comedist, a digital ecosystem and talent network for people in comedy and their fans.

His news writing has appeared in Washington Post, T.V. Guide, Backstage Magazine, Billboard Magazine, The Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Austin-American Statesman, and his creative writing in Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Little Havana Blues, Brooklyn Review, River Styx, and more recently in Pearson’s middle school English textbook, My Perspectives.

His debut novel, Awake Now, Sailor is available on Amazon, as well as several issues of Noir Nation: International Crime Fiction, with the most exclusive readership on this side of bankruptcy.