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Public Affairs / Public Information Officer

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Family Partnerships Department Celebrates African-American History​: Event Showcases Employee Talents

Hunting for Clues and Keeping Out Pests: Adopting an Integrated Pest Management Approach at NYCHA

Clear Channels, Safe Residents: Pilot Program Coordinates Incident Response

NYCHA’s Department of Strategy & Innovation: A New Way to Operate

New York  City Independent Budget Office (IBO)


Some Community Board Budget Priorities Face Budget Axe, Again

Analysis of the Mayor's Preliminary Budget for 2011 

Sidewalk Standoff: Street Vendor Regulations are Costly, Confusing, and leave many disgruntled 

Budget Options for New York City


Organized crime undercovers start new lives, mark the end of an era

Blue Magazine: the Independent Voice of Law Enforcement


US workers seek career change in comedy



Chinese herbs catch on big in US

Columbia News Service


Kids comedy schools offer more than laughs

Columbia News Service


Churches book comics and attract new members

Columbia News Service

Law Reports

Julius Baer v. Wikileaks  | Internet Law

Swiss bank sought shutdown of whistleblower Web site

Triple Crown v. Citigroup  | Contract Law

Banks should be required to fund buyout, plaintiffs claimed

Veman v. Morris County  | Discrimination Law

School should have provided sign interpreters, deaf plaintiff

Ross v. Hewlett Packard  | Contract Law / Intellectual Property

Hewlett-Packard failed to pay software royalties, plaintiff said


Key Bank v. Motor Vessel "Inertia" | Admiralty Law
Bank sued boat owner under maritime law after loan default

Technical Writing

User Guide for UX Research Platform

UX Writing / Content Design

UX Writer Portfolio available upon request.

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